‘4th of July in NYC – In A Berlin Minute (Week 62)’ from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

Monday was the “4th of July” (aka “Independence Day” and often somewhat sarcastically “America Day”).
Last year we were in Berlin for Independence Day and I made my 10th weekly one-minute video about it (then still called “Germany New Yorker in Berlin”).
My goal had been to find the ingredients that make up 4th of July – even if you’re in a foreign country:
Outdoor Fun
Red, White and Blue

This year I was back stateside and got to celebrate with my friends in Brooklyn. So I though it’d be fun to show the same elements. Not so different, really. Except that I replaced Family with Friends – although my friends really are my family as well.
Thank you to EVERYONE who made this year’s 4th so much fun, especially Ginger for hosting, Alex for grilling (and too much wine), Jess for her special dancing and decorating, Adele for delicious treats, Katie for everything, and Erica for “fireworks chasing” with me. Can you guess what she mouths out on the Red Hook pier?
Thank you to Jason Matherne for providing another great song for this: “Who Wrote This”.
And thank you to New York City for being you.

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