As I’ve mentioned in my post about Porkfish, I’ve been meeting a lot of inspiring, creative and good hard-working people since relocating to Berlin – people whose work I’d like to share with you if possible.

 Andreas Rohde: Illustration for Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung
I met Andreas Rohde through friends during the World Cup Semi-Finals match Germany – Spain. As you might recall the German team had an amazing winning streak (with only one blemish), were favored to win the Cup and (when wearing their black uniforms) were endearingly referred to as soccer assassins by some (and quite different things by others). Although that night Germany suddenly lost the match and thus their chance at winning the World Cup and putting a damper on the German summer, I try not to blame Andreas for it.
Instead I’d like to focus on the fact that he’s such a likable and cheery fellow and a very talented artist. Andreas Rohde designs and creates illustrations and animations both in 2D and 3D and has been working internationally on CD-roms, TV and films. The first time I saw his reel and discovered his drawings, I was super impressed. I’m so in awe of people’s natural talent.
Check out his 2010 show reel below and visit his website for more samples of his illustrations and animations.

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