The Cañon City Skyline Drive is a scenic and thrilling road right in-between the Royal Gorge Bridge and Cañon City.

Complete Cañon City Skyline Drive – Colorado (Extended Version for week 303)

Cañon City Skyline Drive was built as a tourist attraction atop a row
of hogbacks or razorbacks (which are a row of hills with a sharp and
deep drop on both sides) at the beginning of the 20th century. Local
prisoners were given reduced sentences in exchange for building the road

Last week, I published 1-minute In A Colorado Minute
video of the second part of this drive, which starts after the overlook
where you can see the dinosaur tracks. Also, that video was 450% sped

To make sure you get to see everything, I am now sharing with you
the Complete Cañon City Skyline Drive at only twice the original driving
speed – and with a few additional shots of the view from the overlook.

this was a spontaneous drive and filming, I unfortunately didn’t clean
the windshield beforehand – sorry! Also, I didn’t know exactly where the
dinosaur tracks where until after finishing the drive.

Now I can
tell you, the ancient tracks are in the rock face on the left side of
the frame – about 50 seconds into the video. I added a still picture of
that moment later in the video, which also lets you see the row of
hogbacks with the road ahead. By the way, the dinosaur tracks are the
round things that actually stick out of the side of the rock face, not

The music in this video is called “Heading West” and was written and performed by Jason Shaw of He has made this and many other instrumental songs available via a CC BY 3.0 license. Thank you so much, Jason!

Watch the 1-minute version of the drive in double-speed: Skyline Drive (Cañon City) – In A Colorado Minute (Week 303)

Speeding along Skyline View Drive near Cañon City, Colorado

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