Holiday Twin Drive-In Movie Theater – In A Colorado Minute (Week 227)

Fun highlights of this and last year’s summer have been our evenings at the Holiday Twin
Drive-In Movie Theater  in Fort Collins, Colorado. Making it a romantic
date or a whole party with friends – it’s always a great time at the

The Holiday Twin with its two screens offers you two
different special behind-the-screen vistas: around one screen the sky
opposite the sunset will show you the most lovely display of pink
clouds; around the other screen you get to see the Foothills skyline
accentuated by the setting sun behind the hills. So I highly recommend
getting to the drive-in as soon as they open so you can get a great spot
for your car, set-up your chairs, couch or deck out the bed of your
truck with a mattress, grab some food and drinks and enjoy the views and
the company you brought… all that even before the movie starts.

the USA used to have thousands of drive-in theaters. Today, there are
only a few hundred left. The Holiday Twin is a family-run business and
everyone working there is super nice. Even when a friend forgot to put
on the emergency break and her car crashed into a fence, they were
amazingly gracious. I love going to this theater and am grateful, we
still get to experience this American cultural phenomenon and support a
local family business.

The drive-in season is not quite over yet. But if neither I nor you make it again this year, there’s always next summer…

By the way,
in the time-lapse section of the video, you get to see a few of my
friends and some subliminal advertising. If you can name the company,
I’ll send you something from them…

The song featured in the video is the instrumental version of “Water in the Creek” by Josh Woodward. his song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 US License. Thank you, yet again, Josh!

rather different news: I’m posting this video while on the road in
South Dakota. I’ve already shot two upcoming videos yesterday… While
I’m currently in Deadwood, I don’t think I’ll make a video about this
town. You’ll have to see it with your own eyes one day. Next I’m going
to check out the graves of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. It’s a
full on Americana Road Trip!!!

Holiday Twin Drive-In Movie Theater
Fort Collins, Colorado

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