Lory State Park (Part 1) – In A Colorado Minute (Week 195) [HD] from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

Lory State Park is the state park closest to Fort Collins, running along the west side of Horsetooth Reservoir.
Its diverse landscape offers rolling hills and meadows, dramatic rock
cliffs, reservoir beaches, evergreen forests, waterfalls and small
mountains to climb and enjoy the view of the Rocky Mountains in the West
and the Great Plains in the East. You can hike, ride mountain bikes and
horses, swim, fish, run, play with your dog and apparently also hunt.

week, on a lovely, sunny and rather warm day, I took a few hours off
from a crazy busy work week to enjoy the sunshine and vistas and to
shoot this video for you. As with every visit to Lory State Park, we got
there not long before the sun disappeared behind the mountains in the
West. Note to self: for a longer visit to Lory State Park during the
winter months, get there before noon to enjoy the warming sunshine for
the entire hike.

Because it was getting cool again as soon as the
sun dipped down and because work was waiting, we didn’t really get into
climbing into the mountains (I’m sure the locals would call them hills,
but I’ve lived in flatland all my life, so I’ll call them mountains for

I’m planning to climb up and shoot another video of that
side of the park as soon as I get the chance. Having bought a year-pass
makes it even more inviting to stop by for a quick walk, a pick-nick or
an all-day excursion. By the way, the year-pass from Lory State Park is
also valid at 41 other Colorado state parks. How cools is that? Very

The music in this video comes again from Josh Woodward, who
makes his songs available with a Creative Commons license via his
website: JoshWoodward.com

Horsetooth Reservoir seen from Lory State Park – near Fort Collins, Colorado

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