Views of 5th Avenue and surrounding buildings from Salon de Ning, the rooftop bar above The Peninsula Hotel (at 55th Street). 

When I first dreamed of moving to New York City (at age 14) I always had the vision of living in a Penthouse with amazing views of skyscrapers, water towers and rooftop gardens. Instead I’ve always been living in Brooklyn on the ground floor with gardens for my cats and friends to hang out.

So it’s always a special treat to enjoy an evening on a roof with a view – especially with interesting company and a Vodka Collins.

This week was an especially crappy one; with the death of our cat Jarmo, which is more heart-breaking than I had expected, and other bad changes, which will hopefully turn around again real soon. The only exception was that escapist Tuesday when I joined two celebrations in Manhattan – one which I’m not allowed to disclose yet and then the birthday of Maxx Klaxon at Salon de Ning.

Throughout the week and today I’ve been collecting video for a bright and beautiful video. But in the end the dark, moody and foggy views of the nighttime city from an unusual perspective and distance seemed most fitting.

Next week for the 100th episode you can expect something more lively again. I think.

The featured song was again (in a surprisingly different genre) written and performed by Jason Matherne (aka

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