Church at the Haseldorfer Schlosspark, Haseldorf

We just returned from a super quick trip to Germany. It was fun as usual – although there were quite a few complications along the way.

Polizei at ASAM/G8 Protest in Hamburg

Highlights include among others:
playing “Demo Tourist” at one of the daily ASEM/G8 protests, visiting with friends at Anna’s new bar Wildwechsel in Hamburg, attending the wedding of pre-pre-school (seriously) friend Cordula Ruffmann (now married to Soenke Voss), looking out over the fields and rivers of the ol’ Heimat and realizing there is not a single person for miles and miles and miles, Torte and fresh strawberries in Haselau, and as always spending time with my family in our beautiful garden (of which I would love to include pictures but can’t for reasons listed below*).

Zigarettenautomat with sticker in the Schanzenviertel, Hamburg

The bummers were:
the flight there, the flight back (with plane replacements and 5 hours delay), rainy Amsterdam, missing my dad’s art opening (including the opening speech by the Hamburg Kultursenatorin Prof. Dr. Karin v. Welck), dealing with’s so-called “customer service” in Manila and Mauritius among other random call centers and therefore the inability to change our flights to stay a little longer –> WE WILL NEVER EVER BOOK THROUGH ORBITZ AGAIN! (this is not a bummer, this is just a result), * Scott’s luggage getting lost on the flight back
(there still is no trace of it!) with all of our chargers, cables, German tissues… and also as always: way too short of a visit with my family and not enough time to see all the friends.

Building near the Haseldorfer “castle”, Haseldorf

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