About a year ago, YouTube pretty much killed my Moving Postcard (GNYBerlin) channel, the home of In A Berlin Minute and In A Brooklyn Minute. While the channel was reinstated almost immediately, it never recovered from losing almost 8,000 subscribers, half a million views (with the subsequent high SEO ranking) and the uncountable comments, conversations and virtual friendships formed.

In A Berlin Minute

At first, I waited for YouTube to do the right thing and reconnect all the links (the videos still existed, they were just blocked). They didn’t. So I focused more on Vimeo (where all videos continued to be public) and building my own website: MovingPostcard.com.

Altogether, I took a step back and decided to spend a lot less time on promoting and communicating – because I realized I had spent so much time and energy on this project that other aspects of my life were suffering. This becomes very apparent when one corporation just wipes away all the work you had done.

There was a time when I wanted to write an article about the question of legality when a website takes away all the social media content you and your social network had created together. But life got in the way of focusing on that. Maybe one day, maybe not…

At some point, I began re-uploading to YouTube and by now am almost done with having all videos back on the channel. I would love to be able to reconnect and rediscover all the old YouTube friends. But that seems almost impossible without it taking over my life again.

In A Brooklyn Minute

In any case, I never stopped making and publishing a new video every week. And I will again this week. Because in the end, it’s really about going out and exploring, making a video and sharing it with all of you who like to watch.

So here are five classic 1-minute Moving Postcard videos from Brooklyn and Berlin that I re-published this week. Hope you will enjoy them again.

Abandoned Gardens – Verlassener Schrebergarten – In A Berlin Minute (Week 117) [HD]

Sunrise Time Lapse – In A Berlin Minute (Week 116)

Sunset Time Lapse – In A Brooklyn Minute (Week 115) [HD]

Park Slope – In A Berlin Minute (Week 114) [HD] 

American Classic Cars (Oldtimers) – In A Brooklyn Minute (Week 113) [HD]

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