I’ve been back from the Sarasota Film Festival for a few days now… and right away got caught up in work again. Before those 10 days turn into a cherished yet distant memory here are a few more pictures and thoughts.

You can never have another world premiere of your first full-length film ever again. So it was wonderful to have it be the way it was at the Sarasota Film Festival: with the participants of the film being in attendance and interacting with the audience, with such a supportive and friendly staff, in such a relaxed and beautiful environment, among such amazing film making peers and last but not least, with such a warm reception for the film itself. I am so grateful to everyone involved: the audience, the filmmakers, the press and of course the entire festival staff.

I can only recommend this festival highly and hope that I will be able to return in the future with All’s Well and Fair and Five Sisters.

Because getting into Sarasota suddenly happened so quickly, after working on the film for so long, we haven’t had the chance yet to figure out where the film may screen next. It probably goes without saying that we’d love to attend a few more festivals with All God’s Children – especially now that we’ve met some of the other filmmakers who are traveling the circuit with their films – but we also want to organize screenings that will reach out more directly to the target audience of the film.

But for now here are a few more photos from our time in Sarasota (and yes, there are a few more Karaoke pictures – after all, the Cabana Inn seemed to be the unofficial festival headquarters: we went three times).

Dr. Rich Darr, Janelle Couts, Dr. John Darr at the Opening Night Gala
(photo by Donna Darr)

Dianne (Darr) Couts before the press conference
(photo by Janelle Couts)

David Darr (center) talks to Dianne Couts and Ann Beardslee
insider info: seated on the left are two of the Five Sisters
(photo by Janelle Couts)

Howard Beardslee during press conference
(photo by Janelle Couts)

publicist extraordinaire Ethnee Lea, SNN producer Bill Wagy, Scott Solary
(photo by Janelle Couts)

Q&A after first screening: Tom Hall, me, Beverly Shellrude Thompson, Dr. John Darr, David Darr, Dianne Darr Couts, Dr. Rich Darr, Marilyn Shellrude Christman, Ann Beardslee, Dr. Howard Beardslee (Scott must be hiding behind John)
(photo by Ellie Snapp)

Marilyn Shellrude Christman at the fabulous Siesta Key condo

The view from the Siesta Key condo

During an interview for Manatee TV at the World Cinema Celebration Party – right about when I realize I’ve been so removed from the “real world” during this week that I hadn’t even heard about the polygamist child abuse horror until I was asked about it on camera
(photo by John Coyne)

James Israel just after he took the following picture of us during a filmmakers reception at Modern Times Gallery.

In the company of other filmmakers with exceptional and very sad documentaries:
director/producer Tommy Davis (A Minute To Nine) and producer/editor Jason Mitchell (They Turned Our Desert Into Fire)
(photo by James Israel)

At the Potomac Sports & Entertainment Network (WTMY 1280 am)
Director Mike Brune (The Adventure) and radio show host Rick Levine

without words

Mark “Rabbi” Rabinowitz working

Mark “Rabbi” Rabinowitz and director of programming Tom Hall watching sports… at Karaoke

Programmer Holly Herrick proving like most people at Karaoke Night #2 that this should’ve been called open mic night, not karaoke – but then again I may be tone-deaf

Just one of many impressive dance moves by guest director Brian “Ball-of-Fun” Reiss and multi-talented Holly Herrick

An extra special thanks to über-coordinator Chris, who not only made sure everything ran smoothly at the screenings but also got me home safely from the Cabana Inn twice

Rumored to be the most photographed couple of the festival (at least among the non-actor, non-film showing, non-festival sponsoring…) and dear friends:
Jimmy Israel & Melissa McConnell

Holly Herrick and Tom Hall make their last announcement of the festival: introducing the closing night film Battle in Seattle

Night #3 at The Cabana Inn
(Note the festival transportation Mercedes and the Nite Rider cab – both festival staples. I know nothing about the hookers ball.)

almost back home


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