Three Generations & a Filmmaker:
Luci, Carolyn, Ellie, Scott
(photo taken by Scott’s left hand)

We had a wonderful visit from middle sister Carolyn (from the documentary Five Sisters) and her daughter Ellie.

We had much fun spending time together – lots of gardening, eating, movie watching, and lots and lots of talking. Highlights were a walk through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, several friends and their mothers joining us for a Mother’s Day toast and, of course, a traditional Southern Fried Chicken Dinner with friends. The dinner included watching the trailer for Five Sisters and the work-in-progress trailer for All’s Well and Fair: THANK YOU ALL FOR THE FEEDBACK!

Last but not least Carolyn, Ellie and I sat down for a short interview for the documentary. I tried to keep the background neutral so it wouldn’t be too apparent that this was not in one of their homes (or misrepresent what their homes look like) – but there was nothing I could do about the constant song from the New York City ice cream truck on the audio track…

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