Another reason why I feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends:
My friend Judith Hecktor, after having stood by me step-by-step through all the whinin’n’cursin and actively getting involved in some strategies of how to get rid of Someone Else’s Stuff and improving my new apartment, just sent me the following message and picture.
Planänderung! vielleicht musst nicht DU »glücklicher« werden – sondern die Couch?
(English: Change of Plan! Maybe YOU don’t need to become “happier” – but the couch does?)
It’s not you, it’s me
I really think she’s on to something here. The mood around here is changing. And that has nothing to do with a hooded figure, which was certainly not me, taking pieces of broken-down shelves to a dumpster in the middle of the night.

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