James watching Zoë take a picture

Last week James Glazebrook and Zoë Noble of the fabulous Berlin blog überlin published a new article in their Berlin Portrait series, for which they asked me a few questions about the Berlin neighborhood I’m currently staying it (Prenzlauer Berg).

I felt very honored that they asked me to be part of this series, in which they have different (creative expat) people introduce their “Kiez” (Berlinish for neighborhood – or Hamburgish for red light district).

The real bonus of participating in this series was spending a lovely day with Zoë and James and having my picture taken by such a talented photographer as Zoë. I usually don’t like having my picture taken, especially over and over again and then in public!

But since I had already admired her other photos on the blog and from fashion shoots, I knew she was really good and that I was in safe hands. Even more important for the time of the shoot was that she made me feel so comfortable and even relaxed. Of course, James also did his part through engaging conversations and distracting me from the clicking camera.

So, if you’re in Berlin (or really anywhere in Europe) and you need to hire a portrait, still life or fashion photographer, get in touch with Zoë Noble via zoenoble.com!

Zoë Noble taking a photograph at Hemlholzplatz, Berlin

If you’d like to see the pictures and read the article, please check out “Berlin Portrait: Luci Westphal”.

And if you’ve checked out the pictures on überlin and wondered where I found the awesome Coney Island T-shirt… I got that and more right on the Coney Island boardwalk from Lola Star. Man, I miss the old Brooklyn beach scene…

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