One of my favorite personal blogs is the überlin blog by Berlin Brits James and Zoë who moved to Berlin a year ago and with whom I’ve connected via Twitter when I was still there.
I can’t quite remember how we initially “met” online – but I do remember that several times by pure chance we posted about the same things, e.g. the Computerspiele Museum . While I made my one-minute videos, they would display beautiful shallow depth-of-field and macro photographs with short write-ups.
Zoë and James have learned the “German stare”
We eventually met in person and it was amazing to see them in 3D and hear that they had British accents. But that’s besides the point.
Their simple and stylish blog is about living the expat life and their passions. James is into electronic music, Zoë is into fashion and photography – both are into design, Berlin and food. They have a wonderful sense of humor and two beautiful cats: Iggy and Otis.
Their posts are short and to the point, often humorous and with lots of excellent photos. Instead of sharing my favorite posts, I recommend for you to just go exploring their sites.
Their blog is very inspiring to me and I’d like to aim for creating shorter posts like theirs more often, like just a photo and a short explanatory sentence… or a quick write up about a blog I enjoy.
(Although I’m also trying to incorporate point 12 from 20 Life-Changing Habits That Will Make 2012 Your Best Year Ever and not expect myself to be active and successful on all social media platforms.) Also, I’m more than ready to give my blog a visual make-over. But because it’s three columns and has tons of widgets it’s going to be big time-suck…
Last but not least, the überlin blog and James and Zoë’s adventures are some of the reasons that make me long for a return to Berlin in spring…

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