My name is Luci Westphal – but online, I usually go by @LuciWest.

I’m a photographer, documentary filmmaker, and creator of the web series MOVING POSTCARD.

My first camera, I received when I was 8 years old. I’ve taken pictures ever since.

My first feature-length film, I made when I was 20. You will probably never see it.

I grew up in the beautiful landscape of the Haseldorfer Marsch near Hamburg, Germany. After film school in Florida, I lived mostly in Brooklyn, then in Berlin, and eventually in Colorado. The latest move brought me to St. Petersburg, on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, where I get easily distracted by birds.

The third installment of my decades-long documentary project All’s Well and Fair is still in post-production.

My current focus is on two nature-related photo series. “Taking The Outdoors Back Outdoors” features outdoor-ready metal prints of birds, insects, plants and landscapes – drawing special attention to what is around us and can often get overlooked. “Surviving or Thriving?” is a series of photos printed on wood, showing wildlife and plants in an active context with urban and industrial backdrops.

On this website you’ll find my travel, nature, city, and street art photography, most of my short-form videos, and all the blog posts from 2006 until today. And here and there may be mention of my outdoor lifestyle brand Happier Place.