My name is Luci Westphal – but online, I usually go by the name LuciWest.

I’m a photographer, documentary filmmaker, and creator of the web series MOVING POSTCARD.

My first camera, I received when I was 8 years old. I’ve taken pictures ever since.

My first feature-length film, I made when I was 20. You will probably never see it.

I grew up in the beautiful landscape of the Haseldorfer Marsch near Hamburg, Germany. After film school in Florida, I lived mostly in Brooklyn, then in Berlin, and eventually in Colorado. Recently, I moved to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, where I get easily distracted by birds.

The third installment of my decades-long documentary project All’s Well and Fair is currently in post-production.

On this website you’ll find my travel, nature, city, and street art photography, most of my short-form videos, and all the blog posts from 2006 until today.