Beware, this is a special, quite personal album Music Monday post.

Thanks to this more detailed article on stereogum, I just realized that the The Afghan Whigs major-label debut album Gentlemen came out 20 years ago.

Gentlemen by The Afghan Whigs

What’s so special about this album? Well, it was released right around the time when my husband Scott Solary and I first met. He introduced me to the band and we listened to the record up and down.

The intense song “My Curse” became “our song” (until we discovered “Live Forever” by Oasis a little while later – just in time to become our wedding song – and then followed by many personal songs over the two decades).

Of course, you might think that this song has a rather disturbing message. But I think to us, it was always just about capturing the feeling of such an intense, incomparable and immeasurable love  – a love that is able to survive hurt and makes you willing to give everything and take the risk to love fully. And a song like “Slave To Love” just isn’t our style 😉

My Curse – The Afghan Whigs featuring Marcy Mays – live

Listen to the entire album on Spotify.

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