More and more photos of Homer, Alaska – on top of the ones that I already published a few days ago in this post: Photos from the Kenai Peninsula (Alaska). All these pictures I took over the course of a few days while filming the new segment for the documentary “All’s Well and Fair” and the latest Moving Postcard web series episode.

To find out more about Homer and get specific travel tips, please check out the post for the video: Homer, Alaska – In Another Minute (324).

Majestic View of Homer Spit, Homer Airport and Kachemak Bay – seen from the Rose Room balcony at the Majestic View B&B in Homer, Alaska.
Homer Spit, Homer, Alaska.
One of many restaurants and shops on stilts along Homer Spit, Alaska.
To the left and to the right – moving away.
Kachemak Bay, Homer, Alaska.
To the left and to the right – moving together.
Kachemak Bay, Homer, Alaska.
The ol’ Altair – one of many retired boats along Homer Spit, Alaska.
The old Virginis boat still standing tall on Homer Spit, Alaska.
Everything in Alaska is bigger, even the driftwood on the Beach on Homer Spit.
Come, fly with me!
Homer, Alaska
View of Homer Spit from Kachemak Bay, Alaska.
he famous Salty Dawg Saloon in Homer, Alaska.
Quaint drinking village with a fishing problem + We’re here because we’re not quite there.
Salty Dawg Saloon – Homer, Alaska
What’s significant about this picture? They still have a pay phone!
Salty Dawg Saloon – Homer, Alaska
Hey Mermaids! This way!
Sign at the excellent Little Mermaid restaurant in Homer, Alaska.
No wake zone enforcers!
Homer Spit, Alaska
Clover Field.
Fireweed galore!
So this is where the Tardis has been hiding… in Homer, Alaska.

What? you want to see even more photos from Homer, Alaska? Then check out my In Another Minute 2016 Flickr album.

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