This Pikes Peak Highway Time-Lapse video shows the complete drive down
16-mile Pikes Peak Highway – from the Pikes Peak summit at 14,115 feet
(4,302.31 m) to the road entrance at about 8,000 feet. Therefore, it
covers 6,000 feet of elevation and 16 miles of roadway in less than 12

Pikes Peak Highway Time-Lapse (Down) 

The Colorado mountain Pikes Peak is the highest mountain in the Front Range
of the Rocky Mountains. This also means it’s one of the 53 fourteeners
in the Rocky Mountains. It’s also a US National Historic Landmark.

I especially enjoyed about the drive down were all the views into the
different valleys and of other lower peaks. Of course, it’s also very
cool to see the vegetation change. Pikes Peak Highway takes you through
four out of the six classically described life zones: Alpine Zone, Sub Alpine Zone, Montane Zone and Foothills Zone.

that may or may not be comforting: on the way down there is a required
stop where the temperature of your breaks get tested to ensure they
aren’t overheating and are still working properly.
This Pikes Peak
Highway Time-Lapse video, shot with a GoPro and sped up 400%, was
filmed in September 2015 during week 279 of the 5-year-running weekly
web series Moving Postcard.

As with all time-lapse videos, I highly recommend watching in HD.

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The music in this video was all made by Jason Shaw. All songs are available via a CC BY 3.0 license on his website Audionautix. Thank you so much, Jason!

Driving down Pikes Peak Highway

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