After months of planning and creating, the night finally arrived and us 10 grantees presented our artwork to the public on May 9.

Was I a bundle of nerves? Was this one of the best evenings of my life? Was everything a blur and happened way too fast? Am I still trying to wrap my head around the positive response? Am I excited to continue to visit my installation, care for the plants, and witness people adding their thoughts, feelings, and drawings to the inside walls? Am I full of gratitude for being part of all of this? Do I look forward to conversations, ideas, questions, creations that will grow out of this…?


Those are all the words I have for now. I’ll let the photos speak…

Art by Kaitlin Crockett


Art by Vanessa Cunto

Art by Thomas Sayers Ellis

Art by Fran Failla...

Art by Tyler Gillespie

Art by Antonia Lewandowski

Art by David McCauley

Art by Harriet Monzon-Aguirre

Art by Gaby Rosa

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