Amaryllis Time Lapse – In A Colorado Minute (Week 193) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

Every winter, I get an amaryllis bulb to watch the plant grow and
open its blooms to fill the winter days with brightness and remind me
that spring is coming and the new year will bring much joy.

I shot
this video over 4 days and 3 nights – taking a picture every minute
(actually I took a lot more pictures, but I deleted them later). There
are a few jumps in the video because I had to adjust the camera when the
plant itself grew out of frame and because the camera battery gave out
in the middle of the night.

This video is also a reminder that I
didn’t go outside this week to film because I was so busy with work
(yay, 2014, the year of much paid work!) and furnishing our new home and
because of the polar vortex, which dropped temperatures to -22 Celsius
during the day!!!

By the way, this plant that is usually sold
under the name “Amaryllis” during the winter months as a flowering
indoor plant is actually called “Hippeastrum” and originates from South America. The true “Amaryllis
grows outdoors in South Africa. The two plants look a lot a like and
are related. Note to self: go explore South Africa one day.

The pretty song is the instrumental version of “She Dreams in Blue”
by Josh Woodward. Please check out his website and feel free to use his
music in your works – he is that generous and makes his songs available
via a Creative Commons license: Thank you, Josh!

Amaryllis, or more correctly, Hippeastrum in bloom

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