booths at Creative Pinellas ArtsVenture, Danny Young, Luci Westphal

Over the last two months, I participate in and visited several arts festivals. Instead of another post about me and my work at these markets, I thought I’d give a shout-out to a few of the artists I met and whose work stood out for me.

Artclectic – Nashville, Tennessee

Margaret Baker

Margaret Baker painting
courtesy of Margaret Baker

Margaret Baker is a painter of people, memories, and the moments-in-between. She is inspired by stories that can be told through images. “The images I paint are often mundane but have a warmth of familiarity and nostalgia.”

Margaret is also my personal friend and the reason I was in Nashville in the first place. We’ve been friends since 1988/89 when I was an exchange student from Germany at her school. We didn’t have a chance to see each other again until the Mainsail Arts Festival in St. Pete in 2022. &

Wee S Ng

“Self-taught fine art oil painter on a quest for vulnerability and authenticity.”

If it wasn’t enough that his oil paintings took my breath away, he also turned out to be the most generous artist I’ve met. For anyone who filled out a postcard with their address and joined his mailing list, he created a watercolor painting of an animal of their choice and sent in the mail. I chose a sloth and just received my postcard painting in the mail. It’s now one of my most appreciated artworks I own! &

Sarah Bogdal

courtesy of Sarah Bogdal

Printmaker in Nashville. Sarah Bogdal’s work is inspired by two things: the linoleum block and the carving knife. +


courtesy of Amanda Bennett

Mixed media – Each piece is created on a cradled basswood surface. Layers are built using molding paste, acrylic, graphite, etc. to create a textured surface before the final image and words are painted.

Sara Eberhart

courtesy of Sara Eberhart

Sara Eberhart uses natural indigo and other dyes to create abstract landscapes in linen, wool, and paper. She also uses cyanotype processes to create collage pieces.

Kate Herold

courtesy of Kate Herold

Kate has been a working artist for eight years. She offers limited edition prints that are the result of multiple photo shoots that are edited, transformed, layered, and combined in Photoshop. “These are images that could not exist in reality, but because of the nature of photography, they feel as if they do.”

Randy L Purcell

courtesy of Randy L Purcell

Using birch panels, beeswax, and magazine ink, Randy transfers the ink from the recycled magazines onto a thin layer of beeswax. The finished piece resembles a warm collage of colors and textures.

James Threalkill

courtesy of James Threalkill

This Emmy Award-winning artist has a history of working with youth in the Edgehill community, utilizing art as a tool for creative and educational development.

James was the featured artist of this years Artclectic – and it was a joy to see him working and interacting with the children.

Art Crawl – Lakeland, Florida

Nick Ribera aka Chain Assembly

Brian Kostar aka Kostar Kustoms

Hardison L Collins III

Space Bat Designs

Cricket Edmonds

Stephen Brown aka Humm.ngbird

Denise Settles

ArtsVenture – Largo, Florida

booths at Creative Pinellas ArtsVenture, Danny Young, Luci Westphal
Danny Young’s and my booths next to each other at Creative Pinellas ArtsVenture

Danny Young

Thunderstruck Bonsai – Larry Naeder

Florida Craft Art Festival

Carol Schmedinghoff

courtesy of Carol Schmedinghoff

Meticulously carved birds set in handcrafted scenes.

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