Just in case you haven’t seen it yet and don’t mind some rather graphic violence applied to pretty realistic looking animated characters, DO see Beowulf in 3D.

I don’t think it even matters if you usually like action films, animation or flashy special effects. The 3D look of the film (so unlike the old “four layers of 2D give the impression of 3D” are so amazing, you don’t want to miss this ride no matter what your usual tastes are.

By experiencing this “new dimension” of film viewing I actually relived some of the wonder and excitement from when I went to see my first movie. My mom took my brother and I to the big city to go to a movie theater and watch Bernard und Bianca (The Rescuers). In that film especially all the scenes with the albatross evoked the feeling of it all being so fantastic yet seeming so real. Mind-blowing when you’re 5. Those were the days of true Kino! Beowulf almost gave that wonder back. (Except that with Bernard und Bianca I cherished the drawings my mom made of all the characters on our train ride back home and I now don’t really need any drawings of Angelina Jolie or Ray Winstone in the semi-nude.)

Of course, you’ll have to see it at the theater that offers it in 3D (or even in IMAX & 3D).

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