Catalina Highway (Arizona) – In Another Minute (289)

The scenic Catalina Highway
in Pima County, Arizona, is known by many names: General Hitchcock
Highway, Sky Island Scenic Byway, the Mount Lemmon Highway and Arizona
Forest Highway 39.

The 27-mile road starts in Tucson and ascends over
6,000 feet by the time it ends in the small mountain town Summerhaven,
near the summit of Mount Lemmon in the Santa Catalina Mountains.

a dead end road; so what comes up, must come down. And if you time it
just right, as my friend Jess Grotfeldt and I did during week 283, your
drive back to Tucson rewards you with amazing views of various shades of
rock silhouettes against the colorful gradients of the sunset sky.

the highway, there are many pull-offs for you to take a break from the
serpentine road and enjoy the mountain and valley vistas. I highly
recommend this drive not only because of the experience itself but also
for the refreshing opportunity to get out of the desert city of Tucson
and hike along the many trails on Mount Lemmon. This is exactly what we
did that week, and I’ll be sharing a video from that hike in the near

The song in this video is “Open Road” by Jason Shaw of He generously made this and many other instrumental songs available via a CC BY 3.0 license. Check them out! And as always: thank you, Jason!

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Catalina Highway in the Santa Catalina Mountains

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