American Classic Cars (Oldtimers) – In A Brooklyn Minute (Week 113) [HD] from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

Classic cars and antique cars (or Oldtimers as we call them in German) are something I always like to admire for a moment. There’s something that reminds me of adventures, the open road and all the stories that must have taken place in and around that car. You also know that whoever owns it now must care for it deeply.

Classic Cougar XR

Old cars are not as common in NYC as they are in climates with less snow, because of issues with rust from salt and snow. But as I’ve been walking around in the last few weeks I happened across several and thought to bring you a minute of classic cars. 

The song “Opus Waltz” is by Jason Matherne

Steampunk Car in Brooklyn

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