Yesterday our Good Hard Working People newsletter went out (if you didn’t get it and would like to get the next one, you can sign up for it on our website). The focus again was All God’s Children – more precisely, it was all about what tools we set up to encourage people to utilize the documentary for education and outreach.

We made the film in hopes that it would play its part in breaking the silence about abuse of children in the missionary community in order to help adult survivors of abuse as well as at-risk-children. We’ve been astonished to find out that the film resonates with survivors and advocates from all different backgrounds – not even just with people affected by abuse in religious settings.

Through speaking with audience members, especially survivors, advocates, psychologists, pastors and educators over the last few months of traveling with the film, we’ve become very encouraged to offer materials that can help anyone to set up a screening, host a discussion or just explore the subject further on one’s own.

I’m really excited to announce that I FINALLY finished piecing together all the documents and that we now offer a whole series of supplemental materials to be utilized by anyone ranging from someone who is grappling with the subject on their own, to a first-time event organizer and all the way to a professor at a university putting together a lesson plan.

Table of Contents from Discussion Guide

The following documents are all available as free downloads in the Resources Section of the All God’s Children website:

How-to Facilitator’s Guide

Tips on how to organize your own screening.

Discussion Guide

Everything you need to explore the subject of All God’s Children further with a group or alone – including background information, discussion prompts, further resources, “taking action” suggestions.

Invitation / Flyer

A letter-sized invitation – set up for you to add your personalized information and use to promote your event.


Short overview of All God’s Children.

Fact Sheet provided by Missionary Kids SafetyNet

Additional information about the situation of missionary kids past and present.

Critical Acclaim

List of endorsements of All God’s Children.

Additional Resources (Support & Research)

List of organizations and materials for further support and research, including advocacy organizations, support groups, books and films.

Taking Action

Suggestions of how the audience can get involved.

Taking Action Suggestions (excerpt from Discussion Guide)

For a private home screening or a class room screening (as part of a regular curriculum) all you need is a home viewing DVD ($19.99), for a public screening, please purchase the appropriate public screening DVD (for as low as $60).

Please be so kind to share this information with anyone you think might be interested. We are “self”-distributing this film and these accompanying materials and through your help we can reach more people and turn this into a “group”-distributing success.

And while I have your attention: how about rating the film on the page? You don’t have to write a review (although we have really appreciated the new insight we’ve gained from recent comments) – just rating would be great. Getting ratings brings attention to the film – from other potential viewers but also from the media.

Thank you so much!

List of recommended Fiction Books and Documentary Films (excerpt from Additional Resources)

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