(Flooded) Poudre Trail – In A Colorado Minute (Week 214) 

The Poudre Trail
is a 10-mile long paved trail that runs along the Cache la Poudre River
from the east of Fort Collins, through the northern part of town all
the way to LaPorte.  It’s part of the very impressive, well-maintained system of bike and hiking trails throughout town
that are laid out so well that you hardly notice you’re inside a town
at all but often think you’re in the middle of nature. I actually
consider these bike trails the best part of Fort Collins, which is
clearly a very bike-friendly city.

Scott, Whiskey and I just spent one of the best afternoons any of us have had in Colorado on and “in” that trail.

We just got two brand new Pure City Cycles
bikes, which we’d been eager to take on a longer ride. Our dog Whiskey
hadn’t been on any bikes rides with us and, at least, I was nervous that
she’d be zigzagging in front of the bikes like she does when I’m
running with her.

However, she was amazing and happily ran and
swam along the entire way. Oh, yeah, SWAM! It turned out that due to
fairly recent rains and lots of snow in the mountains, the river was not
just going slightly over its banks but at times turned the trail into a
river itself.

We’ve had such a fun adventure first walking, then
riding, through the river. And if that wasn’t enough, once we made it
through several flooded spots, we had the entire trail to ourselves,
including a lovely spot for fishing, filming and running after sticks.

a while we continued on and were finally met with a scenery from
Mississippi or Louisiana: it really was all river now, with trees, grass
and trail deeply submerged in water. It was a whole other adventure to
find an alternative way back out of the woods. Ah, what a glorious day!

If you’d like to see another Fort Collins trail video, check out this GoPro video from a few weeks ago: Spring Creek Trail (East), Fort Collins [Time Lapse] – In A Colorado Minute (Week 211)

By the way, this Poudre Trail should not be mixed up with the Poudre River Trail, which follows the same river from Greeley to Windsor and is 21 miles long. Can’t wait to explore that one.

The music in this video is the instrumental version of “I Will Not Let You Let Me Down” by Josh Woodward. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Flooded Poudre Trail – June 2014
Fort Collins, Colorado

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