To celebrate creativity, exploring and sharing in 2017, I am offering a 13-month wall calendar featuring photos from my Moving Postcard web series. 

The Moving Postcard calendar page for January 2017 features flying terns from the video shoot of Anastasia State Park, Florida (Week 342)

This very limited-run calendar is not for sale! Instead, I would like to gift it to the first 5 people who pledge their support for my work through Patreon – and to the kind people who are already Patreon supporters. Deadline: January 7th, 2017.

All you have to do is pledge your support on my Patreon page: (for as low as $1 a month). You can cancel anytime. By being a patron you will get other early and even exclusive content and gifts…

If you’re already supporting my work through Patreon, just send me a message that you’d like a calendar. If you’re one of the first 5 people to respond, I’ll send one your way.

Details about the calendar: 

  • 13 months (January 2017 – January 2018)
  • Printed on ultra premium stationery cardstock
  • Matte finish delivers a fresh, contemporary look
  • Size of calendar: 18in x 12in (when hanging open)
  • Includes images from Colorado, Berlin, New York City, Mexico, Cuba… 
  • Printed by Snapfish
  • Value of just printing and shipping: $40
  • So far the response has been that the calendars look great. 🙂 

Details about Patreon (in their own words): 

  • Patreon is the best way for creators to earn ongoing revenue directly from their fans.
  • For patrons, Patreon is a way to join your favorite creator’s community
    and pay them for making the stuff you love. Instead of literally
    throwing money at your screen, you can now
    pay a few bucks per month. This
    means the creator gets paid regularly, and you become a bonafide, real-life patron of the arts. That’s
    right–Imagine you, in a long frilly white wig, painted on a 10-foot
    canvas on the wall of a Victorian mansion. And imagine your favorite
    creators making a living doing what they do best… because of you.
  • For creators, Patreon is a way to get paid for creating the things you’re already creating. Fans pay a few bucks per month, and then you get paid every month. 

Details about Moving Postcard:  

  • A Moving Postcard is a short video showing a place or an event. These are either 1-minute videos or longer versions of those videos – all shot and edited by me, Luci Westphal, a German New Yorker currently mostly exploring Colorado and the Wild West. 
  • I’ve been releasing such a 1-minute video every single week (usually on Thursdays) since May 7, 2010 – that’s 348 weeks. Resulting in over 350 videos so far. 
  • The videos have always been free to watch – and you can find them on, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Patreon.
  • In addition, I’ve become quite active in publishing photos from each video shoot online. You can see all of the published photos on Flickr – again for free, of course. 

Details about why this give-away… and why now: 

  • As stated above, I want these calendars to be a celebration of creativity, exploration and sharing –  and as a showing of gratitude; the four activities most important to me. (I also like eating, drinking, dancing, reading and loving – just FYI.)
  • Getting support via Patreon means a lot to me – it helps me cover some of the costs associated with making the video series and photographs. But if it were just about money, I wouldn’t give away a $40-calendar for the potential donation of just $1 just one time (since you could cancel in February). Being able to have tangible proof that people believe what I create is worth creating means a lot more to me. That’s why I want to make sure more people know about my work and this opportunity to show support for it. And it’s fun to create extra content for and communicate with the community of patrons!
  • A calendar in your home, classroom, store or wherever you might hang it, would get my work out to more people. I hope it would inspire others not only to watch my videos, read my accompanying posts or look at my photography – but that it would also inspire them to explore, capture, create and share. 
  • Why now? We’re only $26 away from my next goal on Patreon. Reaching that goal would cover my monthly software subscription expenses. And once we reach that goal, I have pledged to finally put together monthly behind-the-scenes videos. 
  • Why also now? There’s a two-edged sword here. I’m deep in post-production on my documentary “All’s Well and Fair” – and also developing another documentary I want to shoot later this year. It’s a challenge to devote time to all projects equally. Stop making Moving Postcard videos is tempting… So on one hand, supporting me on Patreon lets me know that you want me to keep making the Moving Postcard videos. On the other hand, your financial support also pays for post-production and development of my long-form documentaries since I’m using the same equipment and software for all my projects. 

Did you read all this? Wow! Now, I hope this didn’t cost you so much time that you weren’t one of the first 5 people to let me know (via your new pledge or your message if you’re already a patron) that you want a calendar. So please go ahead and do it…

And if you’re too late to get a calendar, please know that your support means the world to me… and that you’ll keep getting rewards one way or another…


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