Yesterday we had a very successful day of filming for “Five Sisters”.

First we drove over to Jacksonville to show the trailer to Earl, Iva and their daughter Paula. Again they seemed to all like it a lot. Which on one hand is maybe not that special since the film is about their own family and is more touching to them. But on the hand especially because they’re in the film it means a lot that they aren’t protesting the way they’re presented! Of course, it is but a fundraising trailer and doesn’t tell much of the story yet.

Afterwards we filmed an interview with mainly Iva and Carolyn – and some wise insights from Earl, who a little over a week ago turned 85. CONGRATULATIONS, EARL!

I have to admit that the dynamic between two or more people is a lot more interesting than just a single person interview. It’s great to see another person in frame listening and maybe even responding. But in the end it will probably make it more difficult in editing.

From there I went over to Carolyn’s house, where we did a similar interview with her and her son/roommate Randy. They were even more interactive during the interview/conversation. I was thrilled. Plus we filmed in their “Florida room” – gorgeous with all the plants and sunlight.

To round of the day I got a bunch of footage of Carolyn and Randy around the house, trying to live and interact as if I wasn’t there. (ahhh, movie magic).

A very productive day all around.

Oh, and last but not least I was able to drop off the audio tapes from Beth’s interview in Oklahoma (and the last Rachel tape for “All Well And Fair”) with Ellie for more transcribing fun. Ellie, you’re the best!


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