Please help Dirty Excuse, three amazing, rocking Brooklyn ladies and one lad, to become the 101.9 RXP House Band by winning the radio station’s  “your shot to rock” contest.
The singer Erica Stoltz is one of my dearest friends and one incredible singer and performer. Right before CBGBs closed, I had the opportunity to video tape their show at that legendary venue and cut together a live video for their song “Too Late”:
Voting will close this weekend, so PLEASE go to the website now and cast your vote according to the instructions below.

Go to this link

Make sure you Sort By “Average Rating High To Low”

Click on Dirty Excuse and scroll to the bottom of the page and either log in or sign up if you are signing up you’ll register (sorry it’s a bitch, but we’re worth it) and then go back to your email. RXP will send you an email with a link to log-in. Then you move your mouse over the stars and click when it’s on 5. Leave a comment too.

On a random side note, I’ve got a special place in my heart for 101.9 RXP because I first heard and saw The Duke Spirit at one of their shows that I attended to see The Ting Tings and because they’re the NPR-alternative during those weekend afternoons when I can take no more Frank Sinatra on the bathroom radio.
Why are you still reading? Go vote. Please.

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