The Berlin International Film Festival, or Berlinale (2/10 – 2/20/11), is such a big, layered event that it’s impossible to participate in everything or even be able to keep track of it all.
Can you squeeze anything about it into a one-minute video? You know, I had to try. So lean back – or fasten your seat belt (this is another fast one) – and I hope you’ll enjoy the impressions I captured for you from my own personal Berlinale experience.
The song featured in this video is “The Strange Case of Dr. Chiaia” by Tans ( Thank you!!!
Public figures featured in this video:
Sandra Trostel (director) of Utopia, Ltd.
Joe Walker (editor) and Liza Marshall (producer) of Life In A Day
Aditya Assarat (director) of Hi-So
Maike Mia Höhne (curator) of Berlinale Shorts
In an earlier post I featured a clip from the Life In A Day Q & A [currently not available]. 
Berlinale Palast during Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale)

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