Birds, birds, birds. Berlin is full of them. They’re eating, fighting, mating, sleeping – like all Berliners. They just don’t have to go to work, nor do they have to go clubbing (which reminds me that I’m about to run late for a concert with Radiopilot).

This week’s video is dedicated to my friend Robert Plass, who suggested in the summer I should do a video on the “Spatzen”, and to new friend and book critic Jessa Crispin (the Bookslut), who inspired me yesterday with her story of the fighting magpies to make week 40 about Urban Birds. Unfortunately I didn’t come across any magpies today.

At the very last moment I pulled out the shocking conclusion of me playing “Angry Birds”. Yes, I’ve been sucked in and I’m hooked. But it just felt too silly – especially because it seemed a disrespect to the fabulous musicians of Spleenveil (Roberta and Al).

An extra special huge thank you to Spleenveil for sending me one-minute songs to use in my videos. You’ll be hearing a lot more of them in my future videos. But I advise you to check out their sites to listen to their full songs and watch their incredible, creative and beautiful music videos:

Spleenveil on MySpace:
Spleenveil on YouTube:

Seagull in the snow
Möve im Schnee

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