If you were an expat in Berlin during the early 2010s, you probably know British expats Zoë Noble and James Glazebrook through their popular überlin blog or maybe because of their co-working space of the same name. By now, Zoë Noble is known internationally as a commercial photographer and retoucher and James Glazebrook has expanded his work as a thoughtful and witty writer and helper of humans through his work at basecamp and his blog on Medium. They also provide a home to Olive, who was unfortunately not available for an interview that day.

Meet Zoë Noble (photographer) + James Glazebrook (writer) – In A Minute Portrait (352)

I highly encourage you to check out their current websites: Zoë Noble Photography and James Glazebrook on medium.

A special thank you to Kate Wirth of the Sole Satisfaction blog for allowing me to use her Childfree Portrait photo in the video – photographed by Zoë, of course.

To learn more about Zoë’s Childfree Portrait project and apply to participate, check out this post: Childfree Portrait Project — Call For Subjects

Meeting Zoë and James remains one of the most special human connections I made during my Berlin years. You immediately get a sense of how open-minded, intelligent, funny, creative, dedicated, focused, talented and adventurous they are. I get so invigorated when I’m around their dynamic duo energy. And I certainly appreciate their style when it comes to visuals and music.

As with everyone I’ve featured in the In A Minute Portrait series, I find them incredibly inspiring; in this case both as a couple and as individuals. I’d like to point out two aspects specifically that I hope you find aspiring as well:

Even though, Zoë had worked as a digital designer and an art director in the fashion industry for a few years, it wasn’t until she moved to Berlin in 2011 that she followed her passion to become a professional photographer. And look at her now, making a living as a photographer for companies like Vogue, Elle and L’Oreal Paris! Big YAY for following your passion!!!

What especially moved me in the interview was when James spoke about his “I don’t really have a philosophy but…” – which can stand both in tandem and in opposition to Zoë’s recent professional trajectory – but most definitely resonates with what I have recently embraced: to not worry so much about where you’re headed, but do what brings you joy and not do wrong by other people… and things may just align. Beautiful!

Look, I’m aware that a 1-minute portrait tells you hardly anything about a person. Try to squeeze two people into one minute and all you’re given is a glimpse… and three more alternate cuts with different and more complete answers. Later this week, I will release an extended version of the portrait, which will answer questions like: why is Zoë a photographer, what’s her philosophy, what’s James’ dream destination, where are they from, what’s Geordie Shore like and where would they send me to shoot a 1-minute Moving Postcard? It will also include more of Zoë Noble’s excellent photography.

James Glazebrook and Zoë Noble

In case you’re curious, the black and white footage showing Berlin is from my video “1920s Silent Movie – In A Berlin Minute (Week 67)” – shot in 2011.

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