Always a beautiful sight: Veteran For Peace
Washington Square Park
Last night I uploaded quite a few more photos from October 8, the 22nd day of Occupy Wall Street
Marching through Soho
Corner of Houston and Broadway
The photos are from the occupation of Washington Square Park, the march through Greenwhich Village, Soho, Chinatown and the Financial District back to Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park) and from the No Comment art show at 23 Wall Street. 
Police officer watching watchers watching demonstrators… THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING!
Photographing signs marching through Soho
These are just a few photos. You can look at my entire OWS album on Flickr
NYPD making YouTube videos…
I’ve also shot a lot of video footage and will try to have that assembled and publish the videos online as soon as possible. 
NYPD watching Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park) from across the street
The words that caught me the strongest from the march: “We are the 99%. And so are you.” and “This is what democracy looks like.” 
Having seen uncountable demonstrations in Germany over the years, I am so glad that the Americans are taking a stand and voicing their opinion more now as well!
Street art style piece at No Comment art show

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