After a very musical two-week span including live shows (Lykke Li, The Submarines, Los Campesinos!, The Duke Spirit and everyone who played with them), going on a road trip to Pennsylvania’s Tinicum Guitar Barn with Thimo Sander to track down an old SG Junior guitar, focusing on finding more, placing and tweaking the music in All’s Well and Fair (thanks Thimo, Jason and Karl for all the new stuff!)*, finally putting together my “Favorites of 2008” CDs and receiving John’s “Arguably The Best of 2008” CDs, my bold random recommendation goes to Maxx Klaxon, who I finally got to see perform his Authoritarian Idol show.

Maxx Klaxon creates very entertaining and innovative performances involving electronic music, interactive videos, political commentary and well, the Maxx Klaxon persona.

Check out his version of the communist anthem “Die Internationale”: Internationale 2000

And keep an eye out for one of his live performances…

Maxx Klaxon Website
Maxx Klaxon MySpace

* I’m trying to lock in all the music for All’s Well and Fair this week but am still open to new tracks. Mainly right now I’m looking for somewhat mellower indie/garage/punk/guitar with female vocals and always instrumental pieces of the same direction. If you got something, be in touch fast.

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