Nada Surf released “The Blankest Year” already in 2005 on the album “The Weight Is The Gift”, but for some reason I just can’t get this song out of my mind these days. Feel free to fill in your own reasoning – but it’s probably best to not take it too literally. Also the lyrics are NSFW <- you’ve been warned, Grandma.
In any case, the video is so awesome, simple and stylish, you shouldn’t miss it (so if you’ve got issues with language, just turn the sound off and watch anyway). Apparently the text and silhoutte you see skating and jumping around various surfaces throughout a city was filmed using actual projection and no animation – and presumably no other CGI. That is very impressive.

Below the posting of the video it said that there would be a making-of video coming soon. But I could find neither that nor the name of the director or production company. Why is it that we don’t celebrate the music video director and production? Why do these artists and producers go nameless? Even the big music video awards are a sham since they seem to award based on most populous song, not most magnificent music video.
On a somewhat random side note: Occasional Nada Surf band member, album engineer and producer (also of this album) Louie Lino is the brother of Tom Lino, who has done such an amazing job as sound designer and mixer on both All God’s Children and All’s Well and Fair.
On a completely random side note: I was alternatively thinking about posting a video for “Girls” by Marina and The Diamonds today. After a few near misses with other bands last week, I hope I’ll actually make it to one of her shows this week. But there’s no video for that song yet and I’ve pushed her other songs enough in older “mix tape” postings. For now you can hear “Girls” here. If there’s a video later (I read a rumor), I’ll post it then. 

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