Just heard this very dark and quite catchy Christmas song and had to recommend it to you immediately: “Black Christmas” by Poly Styrene (singer of the legendary X-Ray Spex).
A heads-up to those who don’t want to have a dark song stuck in their heads through the holidays or to those who are easily offended by juxtaposing images of Jesus, Santa Claus and violence – you may want to skip this one.
Here’s the thought-provoking video directed by Dick Jewell and Beezer for “Black Christmas” by Poly Styrene.
By the way, me personally, I’m quite excited about the actual Christmas holiday this year. The country is covered in snow to make it all feel cozy and romantic, Scott will be arriving from New York on Wednesday (uh, if there’s no annoying snow keeping the plane from landing in time) and the whole Westphal family will be together in Germany this year. I appreciate how lucky I am.

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