Looks like Brooklyn in the winter. Sounds like Liverpool (and Hamburg) and New York. Feels like youth with its fun and complications and hardship – not to mention the excess. And “cause it’s a long way down in New York City”!
Of course, I REALLY like that the video directed by Max Lanman includes credits for (some of?) the film crew.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed this! GoogleAlerts pointed me here. I'm very happy that you appreciated the film credits— and yes, that was everyone!

    It was a crazy shoot. We shot on 16mm film, so on some of the dolly shots I was pushing the dolly, the DP was pulling focus, and we had to close off the eyepiece (so as not to let light in)… just hope that we got the shot without seeing. A month later when we got the digital scans, and we were pleased to see what we got!

    Are you a filmmaker? Would love to share my future works with you: fb.MaxLanman.com is my FB page!

  2. Hey Max,

    Now I'm glad you found this post. Not sure though if you'll see this response comment.
    Thank you for sharing that extra info about the video shoot. Sounds pretty crazy – weather and not knowing what you're shooting. Thrilling though to shoot on film. Haven't done that in years.

    Yes, I'm a filmmaker, too. Links to my company's website, some of my films and my current web series are above to the left.
    Will find you on Facebook now.

    Happy filming.
    – Luci

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