We’ve had a few very special and wonderful days while Judith visited from Berlin, Tobe from Portland and Ove from Hamburg.

The latter two came here for the “every 11 years” reunion on the Brooklyn Bridge, which we joined for the second time. Unfortunately the reunion was delayed until nightfall due to the police shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge to pedestrians after 700 Occupy Wall Street protestors had been arrested on the bridge right before we arrived. Judith visited just because she’s awesome and she’s family and we missed her after we left Berlin – and miss her again already.

Here are a few recent songs I’d like to dedicate to these old and new, but certainly life-long friends – through all the geographic, temporal and life-style differences.

“Fantasy Friend Forever” by Asteroids Galaxy Tour
(playing in NYC tomorrow night, btw)


“Fantasy Friend Forever” (live) by Asteroids Galaxy Tour


“Mine is Yours” by Cold War Kids



“You Are A Tourist” by Death Cab For Cutie

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