Luci dancing at VFW on phone compared to Luci's photo of dancing girls street art in Berlin
A few impressions of the opening night for my first solo exhibit – in St. Pete at Creative Grape during a dark and stormy night on May 24, 2023.

This blog post as I publish it right now is temporary. I would like to add more photos and more text to this post in the coming days. Finding time for this blog post has been challenging because I’ve been busy creating more artwork to display as pieces have sold. By now this post is a little overdue already – and I’m about to return to Creative Grape to socialize among my exhibit one more time (during the AEHK Happy Arty Hour) before heading out of town to a American Missionary conference talking about Scott and my documentary “All God’s Children” on a panel organized by members of MK SafetyNet… and before this exhibit closes on Saturday.

So I’m putting this together as a published first draft and will return to it another day to finalize.

And if you want to see my Urban Wood show at Creative Grape, as of right now, you have 3 more days to do so.


And if you don’t like a photo of you in this post, please let me know, and I’ll take it down.

Thank you Leslie Culbertson and Jeff Herman for making all of this happen – and to Scott Solary for everything, especially being the creative collaborator on the reclaimed fence wood pieces. I love you!

Event Details

Location: Creative Grape, 3100 3rd Ave N, St. Petersburg, Florida

Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 24, 6pm

Ongoing Exhibit: May 24 – June 17

Photos in this post by Scott Solary, Letisia Cruz, myself, and…

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