Park Slope is the gorgeous Brooklyn neighborhood I’m lucky to call home. It’s beautiful at any time of year, but summer is especially nice when the trees and flowers add color.

It features luscious green trees, lots of flowers, classic Brownstones and other grand buildings, gas lanterns and slate sidewalks, mostly local businesses, the infamous Park Slope Food Coop, lots of strollers, dogs and cats – and last but not least slopes up to wonderful Prospect Park and Grand Army Plaza with the Brooklyn Library and The Arch.

Fancy homes on Union Street

In Berlin I established the tradition to make a video about a neighborhood whenever I moved to another one. Thought I’d pick up the tradition now that I’m leaving Park Slope to move back to Berlin. That’s right, the next video will be posted in Berlin again – although because I’m leaving on a Wednesday, I might still shoot the next video in Brooklyn instead of just in the airplane.

The song is the instrumental version of “In A Tree” by Jason Matherne. I have to admit I slowed it down just a tiny little bit to slow down the speed of the cuts a little bit.

Not-so-fancy laundromat on 8th Avenue

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