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As expected, since moving to Berlin I’ve met some really cool creative people. Also not very surprising, they come from all over the world – for example Denmark.
A few weeks ago I produced an EPK for the Danish singer Agnes Obel, whose music I had admired for a while. In the process of shooting the interview, I got to take a peek into the studio of porkfish, the animation company of imaginative Danish filmmaker Alex Brüel Flagstad.
I was very impressed by how innovative and entertainingly quirky the combination of usually cutsey claymation and urban music and themes and even violence are.
Check out the porkfish showreel with excerpts from various projects.
Visit the porkfish website (or on facebook) for more information, to get in touch with Alex and to find out when he’s finished with his latest animation short film (I’ve seen the set, I think it’s going to be awesome!).
Showing a completely different style, Alex also just directed the hauntingly beautiful, atmospheric and “old world feel” music video for the Agnes Obel single “Riverside”.
The album will be released in September in Europe. A few of the songs, including “Riverside” are available on European iTunes now. 

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