Another Monday – so I wanted to post another smile-inducing video.

I came across this clip in which America Ferrera lets her face express quite freely how she feels about Gossip Girl. While I was still wondering if this was worth posting, it struck me that this clip, which originally was filmed for Good Day LA on Fox, had then been re-aired (and commented on) by the show “The Soup” on E!, then it had been posted by the website in their section “Finds”, where I discovered it – and am now about to copy the code and re-cycle the clip yet again for my blog (not to mention that the women in the clip are talking about yet another TV show on a totally different network).

Doesn’t anybody create actual original content anymore?

So I thought it was worth posting this, just to make that point. Oh, and hopefully to induce a smile.

Okay, now I better get some real work done editing some original footage.

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