Sanibel Island and adjoining Captiva Island are two gorgeous Gulf of Mexico islands in South Florida. Apparently Frommer’s Travel Guide ranked Sanibel Island the #1 top tourist destination in 2011.

This week I went there to celebrate my birthday (one of those big ones) with Scott, Camille and John.

After a week-long drought, of course it had to be that weekend that a huge storm came through. So the beginning of the weekend turned out to be a little bit different than expected – but then there was a double-rainbow and the sun came back out. 

In any case we saw plenty of the promised “15 miles of unspoiled beaches, 22 miles of bike paths, 50 types of fish, 230 types of birds, 250 types of shells and 0 stop lights”.

As the grand finale (we were just about to drive to the airport) we even saw a wild alligator! 

There’s a lot missing in this video: from dancing into my birthday at midnight while keeping an eye on the surf and a lighting storm adding the appropriate light show to delicious birthday cakes at The Bubble Room + dinner at the Sunset Grill (yes, literally) and much in-between. This was definitely my best birthday (at least since my 4th when I got my first red bicycle).

I plan to post a longer version of this video on my other YouTube channel: and photos on my Flickr.

The song is “Refill The Spill” by Jason Matherne. Yes, I’ve used this song before (twice even?). Please people, I need more music. 1-minute pieces are enough. 
Rainbow over Sanibel Island

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