Today we had the pleasure of working with Tom Lino, the sound designer/editor/mixer on “All God’s Children”, to check out what magic he has created for our film.

We were very impressed with the sound scape he was able to assemble for the Super 8 footage and a lot of the photographs from Africa – truly bringing to life the people and their experiences. It’s amazing that after working with this footage for a few years it suddenly reveals a whole other level and dimension through the addition of sound. Very exciting stuff.

And it’s been a real pleasure working with Tom, who is not only full of imagination and talent but is also willing to deal with all our minute suggestions and tweaks.

Of course, we also want to thank again our dear friend Ruth Hernandez for finding a lot of the sound effects!

Clearly a great day! Tom will continue to work on the sound and we’ll probably have another session later this month and final sound sometime around the first week of February!

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