The animated video for “MRDR It’s Ok” by Brooklyn band Team Spirit is the second video in a series of five created by the Swedish (London-based) animation video team HannesJohannes aka Hannes Elltorp and Johannes Helgelin.

While this is not my favorite drawing style (I admit it, I like thinks prettier and yet darker, with less bright garish colors), I’m super impressed that this was all hand drawn by those two guys and then cut out and animated. And the story line is fun.

Most importantly, of course, for a Music Monday post: I really like the song a lot. That’s a band I’d love to see perform live.

Team Spirit – MRDR It’s Ok [Official] from HannesJohannes on Vimeo.

The previous video in the series (for the song “Jesus, He’s Alright”) you can watch HERE. However, please be aware that it’s probably offensive to most Christians.

Team Spirit – MRDR It’s Ok

Team Spirit

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