So here I go again: swooning over Brooklyn’s The National, whom I’ve written about on this blog time and time again. Just three weeks ago I already recommended live performances of “I Need My Girl”. But can I help it that they’re such brilliant musicians, Matt Beringer is such a darkly emotional and seemingly honest lyricist (and has that deep voice) and that their songs get under my skin and speak to me like hardly any other music?

Besides, their new album Trouble Will Find Me is finally out and playing on heavy rotation on all of my devices – interrupted only by Junip’s new self-titled album (from which I recommended songs a few weeks ago as well).

Today I want to leave you with the video for “Demons”. The video was directed by the featured artist Azar Kazimir, who creates a drawing based on the album cover. He recorded this at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin, where The National had a showcase and where I took the Instagram picture below the video.

You can currently stream the entire Trouble Will Find Me album via iTunes. If you want to see more, check out the video for “Sea of Love”.

Trouble Will Find Me
Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

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