The Hives at Williamsburg Hall of Music

I know I’ve been blogging quite a bit about some great music shows I’ve seen. I guess I just hadn’t seen The Hives yet. Well, I did on Thursday at the Williamsburg Hall of Music. And I am now a believer. I know I’m very late in figuring this out but I’m just glad I finally caught on. What entertainers, what incredible energy. If you like their music at all, you can’t afford to miss them next time they play in your town.

A video doesn’t do the atmosphere of actually being there justice but it might give you an idea.

Seriously, I was blown away. For a surreal contrast, 30 minutes after the show, I found myself sitting at Freddy’s right next to a guy playing the mandolin for a little quiet late night bluegrass delight.

Going to see more Swedes on Tuesday: Shout Out Louds at Joe’s Pub (Gotta catch whoever I can on their way out to Austin).

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