OMG (no other expression fits better here) – I just spent a ridiculously long time in the whole JJ Abrams 1-18-08 – Cloverfield – Ethan Haas movie clue/conspiracy research/discussion world. Amazing how you can find yourself just get suckered in.

To make myself break away I decided to share the website that I discovered last and that has tons of information and links to all the other pertinent websites:

I recommend checking out the blog and forum it links to.

But most of my time I actually spent reading everybody else’s theories and dismissals on the Ain’t It Cool News Comments below JJ Abrams’ misleading (?) email.

… and on the walk-through for the Ethan Haas Was Right puzzles.

Ahhh… too much fun. But walking away, walking away…

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  1. Just a thought –

    Re: If the Statue of Liberty were to be decapitated by an explosion, or in this case vengeful mythical monsters – Because of her position in the Harbor, in Jersey waters much much closer to Liberty State Park than lower (or upper?) Manhattan, Brooklyn, or the lower Harbor near Staten Island, her head would most likely end up in Jersey City, Hoboken, Bayonne, or Newark. Or her head would plow into the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. In the trailer it looks like she’s crasing down on the Upper West Side or something.

    Of course whatever the hell is attacking New York (again!, just cinematically speaking), probably wants to make a “statement”, ergo, her head’s gotta land somewhere disturbing on Manhattan Island.

    And of course, I must ask why the hell New York City has gotta take this attack/obliteration shit again, after two real attacks in ten years, the second of which was unprecedented in the Western Hemisphere, and after dozens of cinematic destructions since the dawn of cinema. (Escape from New York being the first that comes to mind. The Lady lost her head in that one, too).

    I suppose it is because New York IS the center of the universe, let alone the country. If terrorists or monsters attacked Cleveland, St. Louis, or Detroit, it certainly would’nt pack the same punch, as these cities kinda look like they’ve been blown up three or four times before anyway.

    I say attack ORLANDO, FL. I want to see Epcot Center roll onto the Gulf of Mexico – now that’s a good scene, no?

    L 😉

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