“All Well And Fair” is an hour-length documentary portraying three punk rock mothers and their children over the interval of ten years.

Filmed in 1996 and 2006, “All Well And Fair” gives voice to three young women and their children living on the fringes of society. While questioning the stereotypes of “welfare moms” and alternative culture, it also examines the pitfalls of capitalism and mass market culture and living on the cusp of poverty.

“All Well And Fair” is both an inspiration and a warning as it explores the women’s successes and failures, their ambitions and procrastinations. They prove to be nurturing and self-destructive, angry and funny. They are questioning, creative, imaginative – but above all: mothering.

Through the unique approach of filming the women and their families twice over ten years, “All Well And Fair” furthermore considers how much we all change as we grow up and move from our twenties into our thirties – and how much we might stay the same.

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