Arthur’s Rock (Lory State Park – Part 2) – In A Colorado Minute (Week 206) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

Spring has finally fully arrived in Northern Colorado, and I took the opportunity to explore the upper level of Lory State Park. I had already filmed the lower part back in January: Lory State Park (Part 1) – In A Colorado Minute (Week 195).

For this excursion, I chose the most Southern trail – to Arthur’s Rock. I was immediately rewarded with beautiful rock-covered, tree-lined, steep trails and beautiful vistas of Horsetooth Reservoir.

this time of year you can find a running stream, colorful spring
flowers and lots of grasshoppers and butterflies. The trail takes you
from about 5,000 feet up to 7,000 feet in only 1.7 miles. So it can be a
challenging hike. The last bit of rocks you have to climb have only
recently been arranged into a rather naturally looking “staircase” –
even Whiskey with her rather short legs makes that last climb look very

The view from the breezy top of Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins and the Pawnee Grassland was absolutely worth the hike and climb. I can’t wait to return here with a special person and a pick-nick.

featured song is the instrumental version of “Bags of Water” by Josh
Woodward, who made this song available via a Creative Commons license.
Check out more of this great music on his website:

The view of Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins and Pawnee Grassland from Arthur’s Rock
in Lory State Park, Colorado

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