Approaching Hamburg from Frankfurt

Scott and I are currently in Germany visiting with my family out in the country. It’s summer and beautiful outside – fortunately there are laptops and wireless Internet. So this is the perfect time to publish another “My Brother Recommends…” while we’re both sitting in the backyard.

“Raus Mit Der Schlechten Luft, Rein Mit Der Guten”

Muff Potter“Niemand Will Den Hund Begraben”


2 Replies to “Asterix Recommends: Mikroboy, Muff Potter and Kasabian”

  1. oooh, i'm jealous! have been looking at scenery from france, germany, italy all along the tour de france, but through the TV only . . .wish i was there!

  2. Rest assured, today it's already raining again. So no biking weather. German summers are like April in NYC – always changing, full of life and every morning starts with a weather surprise.

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